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The baby born with Anencephaly in Benue State has died.

The baby born in Benue State with a congenital anomaly called Anencephaly is dead.
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Ukan Kurugh, who was in the village to cover the story announced her death on Facebook today:
“When duty calls, we get on a bike and roll.
11km from makurdi town to Adaka to cover the story of the little girl that was born with a rare disease that affected her eyes. Sadly the baby died yesterday as predicted by some of my Dr friends here.” he wrote.
Anencephaly is a neutral tube defect which occurs between the 24th and 26th day of embryonic development.
“There is absence of the telencephalon mainly responsible for the formation of parts of the brain that help in cognition. It manifests as absence of part of the skull, brain and skin with what appears to be a sort of exophthalmos grossly. The cause is generally accepted to be folic acid deficiency in pregnancy. Prognosis is usually poor with life lasting a few hour to at most few days. Prevention proper antenatal care and good compliance with routine ANC medications.”

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