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“I Am Your King” Hushpuppi Tells Nigerians Who Criticize His Lifestyle As He Poses With Dsquared2’s Dean And Dan

Hushpuppi has a message for Nigerians who are critical of his flamboyant lifestyle.
“You call it Gucci, I call it class.. you call it waste I call it strategic investments.. you sit down behind low battery phones, Hungry from no jobs and with data plans less than a dollar venting your anger on anything that’s not like you! .. Guess what mofos God has showed and taken me to places where effort is appreciated, hard work is rewarded and greatness is crowned.. I am your king take it .. accept it ..cry over it…” he wrote.
Posing for a photo with Dean and Dan Caten, the identical twin brothers who own the international fashion house Dsquared2, Hushpuppi called out the “brain washed, unrepentant generation” of Nigerians who do not believe it is possible for “for others to have or deserve a good life.”
Read all that he wrote below.

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