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The Nigerian government is leaving no stone unturned in the campaign to enlarge the tax revenue as they just enforced that even beggars are taxable because they make steady income.
Minister of Finance, Kemi Adeosun said this at a lecture this week, saying that some beggars are earning millions so they are taxable
?proceeds from begging are taxable. You are supposed to pay taxes even if your means of income is begging”.
She said to ascertain the income status of the companies/individuals and their lifestyle, tax investigators would rely on information derived from Bank Verification Number (BVN), records of property ownership, records of foreign exchange allocation, and records of company ownership from the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), among others.
Adeosun said:
?We are using some firms to trace assets internationally.The investigators? findings will enable us to compare the income and how much tax the company/person is really paying, and that gives us lots of information.
?We are trying to build an economy where we have oil and other things. It is going to be oil plus and wider economy

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