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“I rarely go into town and not come back with another Jose tattoo on my body, I must have 20 of just him. He’s not just the special one, he’s the only one. I would die if I saw him in the flesh and for Mourinho I would cheat”. These were the words of 59 years old Vivien Bodycote who now has 20 tattoos of Jose on her body.
Her 76-years old husband Tony who retired from working with concrete over a decade ago has spent over £800 of his pension on tattoos of Jose’s face all over his wife’s body who is addicted to the special one.
Vivien says,
 ‘he’s gorgeous and every time I open the paper and see him I get gooey at the knees. The price of my tattoos has varied, I’ve had some bits of small writing done for around £60 but most recently it was £250. All in all I’d say it’s cost £800. There’s not a day I don’t look at pictures of Jose online, I’m addicted to Jose Mourinho. If he quits Manchester United and decides to go and manage a team in another country then obviously I will say goodbye to British teams and I’ll go there. When my grandsons told me he was sacked from Chelsea, Christmas was cancelled and we had no dinner. I just wanted to give him a big hug and say it’s fine”.
The grandmother-of-four who married her second husband Tony 15 years ago says she would not bat an eyelid if the opportunity arose for a passionate encounter with Mourinho.

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