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According to the European border and coast guard agency, Nigerians are now the top nationality rescued after attempting to cross the Mediterranean sea to get to Europe.
Ewa Moncure from Frontex, the European border and coast guard agency, told Focus on Africa while revealing they have rescued about 8000 people from the Mediterranean sea.
‘The top Nationalities are Nigerians but there are other migrants from Senegal, Ghana, Mali, and Guinea while some are from North Africa but in small numbers. The second largest nationality we have been seeing are Bangladeshis who fly into Libya to make the crossing to Europe.’
So far this year, we have rescued about 8000 people, just last week over 2000 were rescued, she said.
A few days ago, interior ministers from France, Germany, and Italy met in Paris for a meeting where they decided that they would produce a code of conduct for charities operating rescue boats in the Mediterranean and seek ways to assist the coast guard in Libya, the main migrant departure point.
They also plan to investigate how to help the UN refugee agency set up more camps in Libya.

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