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On thursday An Instagram user, Ann, shared a profile of an Uber Driver who allegedly attempted to forcefully have sexual relations with her after she entered his cab for more about the Thursday report Read Here

 another lady named Helena Nelson took to her Facebook page to narrate her terrible experience with him. According to her she said:

“I’ve wanted to talk about this since Monday but due to my birthday matter, I completely forgot until I stumbled on a post about a certain Uber driver I rode with on Monday.
I had an audition Monday morning at Hi-tech estate after Abraham Adesanya.
I requested for an Uber and he stopped by10 minutes later. Only for me to get to the car and I found a woman in the front seat.
I was confused, was this his rider? Why is she still in the car and I asked him.
He said she was his sister and he wanted to drop her off at Omole.
I was like “Bros, Omole is a long way from Adeniyi Jones and I’m going to Sangotedo in ajah. He now asked if his ‘sister’ could ride with us to ajah that she was bored at home and she didn’t want to stay alone.
I was angry and late for my audition but I decided to ride with them.
Somehow in the car I dozed off for a bit only to wake up to people shouting. He was quarreling with his ‘sister’ turned wife who was angry that he kept checking on me in the rear view mirror.
She said she was tired of his ashawo ways and that’s why she must be in the car for all his trips today.
I was amazed. I was angry. And I was late. So I didn’t say a word to them I just pretended to sleep until we got to ajah round about.
Now he claimed he knew his way and was following the map but before I could say ‘jack’ he entered Badore.
What concerns Badore with Sangotedo? He said that was the direction. I told him to go the other way and the next thing I knew he became very rude.
I swallowed everything because you all know how far Sangotedo is from Adeniyi Jones and I didn’t want to start requesting another Uber. 
I got to my destination and rated him 2 star.
15 minutes into finishing my audition I requested an Uber to take me to Lekki Leisure Lake. It was him again and I had no idea!
By the time I’d finished my audition I discovered he was no where near me yet. He was coming from Awoyaya but he’d started my trip already.
I was shocked. I called him and he said he was almost where I was. I didn’t say anything o.
I even surprised myself that day because the normal me will not take such nonsense at all. Besides it was Sangotedo, before I’ll get another Uber that will take me to Lekki eh, e fit reach night and I didn’t want to take any chances.
It took him almost 20 minute to get to me and he started lying that he’d been waiting for me.
I got to the car and I met his wife again! Haa! 
This one strong.
I entered and he said he wanted to start the trip. I’m like what trip? Trip you started over 20.minutes ago? He said my statement was implicating.
I’m like but it’s the truth. I told him I was going going to Lekki Leisure Lake and I didn’t know my way, he started going towards Awoyaya again!
Ol’boy! I wan crase o. But I still kept calm. Jesus will be proud of me dah!
Half way back to Lekki he suggested I have lunch with him and his wife as compensation. I told him not to worry.
When I got to my destination I went my way. I made sure to rate him 1 star this time. I was too forgetful to even remember to write Uber about my experience.
Only for me to see this today!? 

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