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The exponential growth of the musical entertainment industry in Nigeria has not come without its attendant challenges of copyright infringements and piracy.

It is for this reason that the New York Times has through its correspondent, Dionne Searcey, published a very thought-provoking piece on piracy in Nigeria, using the voice of Award winning songstress Seyi Shay to amplify its message.

The article highlights the reality of the Nigerian musician as well as other musicians who are victims of piracy in a large market where they should otherwise thrive on the monetary returns of their intellectual property. Piracy in Nigeria has brought about a reversal of order as artistes have had to pay in various ways for their music to be heard and a case in point is when Seyi Shay had to give up rights to her music by allowing her song to be used as the soundtrack of a popular video game, without earning from it.

According to Seyi Shay – ‘’Out here, nobody cares about the rules”. Which is true as the singer confessed to making only a little money from sales as a result of the rampant piracy thereby relying on endorsements and shows to make money.

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