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Before the adherent followers of the Big Brother Naija reality TV show start to ask what’s next for their favorite housemates, it is gathered that the housemates are breaking grounds in different ways within the entertainment industry presently. For instance, we hear that Miyonsea Amosu one of the housemates has hit a fortune with Maxima Media group. Miyonsea Amosu, it is believed has signed a multi million naira  deal to be a host on one or two of their shows.

With Efe, Bisola, Thin Tall Tony all getting a piece of the limelight, it is looking like Miyonsea would be the one to make magic as we hear that Miyonsea and Maxima Media group are planning something really big in the food sector.

You all remember that Miyonsea was the chef in the house before eviction and his infamous disagreement with Bisola over food in the house already meant that  he is on his way to making a name as a chef  in the industry as against the acting skills of Thin Tall Tony and Bisola.  Maxima Media Group on the other hand is an emerging power house in the media industry with a lot of clientele base in the national and multinational sector producing content for TV and other mainstream media. When these two collaborate, the result can only be a game changing production called FOODBAYTV

Going by the teaser on www.foodbay.tvwhich is the subsidiary of Maxima Media Group, FOODBAYTV is most likely going to be a platform that Miyonsea would be riding on to make a statement for the food industry in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

Nigerians are in for a good time as the platform brings to you high quality production that meets international standards, amazing food that is true to the African values and culture. This is evident on the website judging from the short clips on display.

We can’t wait to see what this epic tag team is about to unfold.

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