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A four magnitude earthquake triggered Tsunami off the coast of Greenland, leading residents to flee for dear life. A dramatic footage has now been released showing the extent of damage done by the natural disaster.
A woman filmed the scene as houses floated into the sea and debris scattered across the floor on Saturday. Four people are reportedly missing after the tsunami hit the tiny village, nine people are believed to be injured, with two of them in critical condition. 11 houses were also swept away. Some residents posted images to social media showing huge waves breaking over buildings in the town.

Residents have been evacuated according to the local broadcaster KNR, after the four magnitude earthquake struck off Uummannaq, a small island above the Arctic Circle. Police confirmed the incident, saying:

“The huge waves risk breaking over Upernavik and its environs. The residents of Nuugaatsiaq are going to be evacuated.”

Danish Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen said it was a “terrible natural catastrophe at Nuugaatsiaq.”

Meterologist Trine Dahl Jensen told Danish news agency Ritzausaid: “It’s not normal, such a large quake in Greenland.”

Luckily, no one has been reported dead though police say they cannot rule out the possibility of that at this stage.

Watch the video below:

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