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HRM Queen Alohan Margaret, winner of “princess of the world Africa 2017, kicks off are pet program on ” STOP DOMESTIC AGAINST WOMAN AND CHILDREN “
Seeks for sponsorship and support.
Kindly contact her for sponsorship, if you support her pet project.
WhatsApp: 08135255981
   Speaking to CNB, she Says:

“This Is the reason for my pet project

Dear Ladies,

Do you know that domestic violence is the leading cause of injury to women – more than car accidents, muggings, and rapes combined.
Do you know that one woman is beaten by her husband or partner every 15 seconds in Africa .

We need to put an end to this! And all it begins with YOU, you need to speak up, you need to stop being afraid, you need to stop enduring this torture. There’s NO justification for domestic violence, there’s no reason in this world why a man should raise his hand and hit a woman, no matter how provoked he might be
Ladies, never feel you are at fault for being abused and as such, you keep enduring the pains.
How many women have died just because they refused to speak up!
Most times, women who are victims of assault or abuse believe that they deserve it or it is the man’s right as a husband but please that is not the case. You are his wife not his punching bag. Others say they can’t handle the shame of reporting their partner but is it not better to bear the shame and know that you are free from a nightmare rather than enduring the torture knowing that you could give up the ghost one day.

There are also reasons like, “am thinking of the children, they can’t handle a broken home” but do you know that if your children don’t realize  what their father is doing is wrong, they can become abusive husbands too or even enduring wives like you. Children even have psychological trauma due to this kind of events, so why make them go through the horrific show, when you can put an end to it.

Some women are also afraid to speak up due to the fear that has been installed in them by their husbands or partners and some even threaten them with death. This can seem frightening but please think about this, if you keep enduring the torture, it’s likely to lead to your death. Therefore, you need to take a bold step reporting your abuser and set yourself free! Even if it’s not the easy step. You should also know that you have the right to say NO to your husband’s sexual advances even though he is your “husband”. If he forces you, he has committed a CRIME; MARITAL RAPE.
Women, please never for once feel you should be subjected to your husband or partner’s torture because you feel he “owns” you. SAY NO TO DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, SPEAK UP AND DON’T BE AFRAID OF ANYTHING”

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