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Pan-Igbo youth group, Ohanaeze Ndigbo Youth Council, OYC, says the only thing that can put a stop to the agitation for Biafra by the Igbos is for someone from the Igbo extraction to emerge President in 2019 with a Vice President from the North.

The group said this in a statement released after its executive meeting in Enugu state yesterday.

In the statement which was signed by its Secretary General, Okwu Nnabuike, the group said

“it is Igbo president 2019 or Biafra 2020”. They alleged that the Igbos have been unjustly denied the seat of power for many years and that it is time they are allowed to become president or the calls for the Biafra nation will be actualized. The statement in part reads “It is sheer injustice and hatred, a situation where no Igbo has been allowed close to the seat of power for decades of years, whereas other geo-political zones have been taking turns either as military or civilian presidents. More annoying is the fact that the North, a major beneficiary in this direction has bluntly refused to heed the call for restructuring, which has been identified as the panacea to the many socio-political problems plaguing the nation. Besides, they have also not only continued to express disdain over the demand for Biafra by IPOB and MASSOB, but have also ordered Ndigbo out of the North based on these agitations. Remember that former President Obasanjo had urged Nigerians to beg Biafra agitators and only Nigeria president of Igbo extraction will appease Igbos or Biafra agitation will be inevitable. If there is any conspiracy against President of Igbo extraction, that will surely bring Biafra into existence. One now wonders why Ndigbo will continue to be treated in this manner. ‎ Two days ago, the acting President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo re-echoed the fact that Nigeria is in a marriage. He was quoted as saying that our nation has been in marriage for a while now. Sometimes, there are quarrels within that marriage. Sometimes there is disagreement. What is important is that you must remain together. You must remain united. It does appear from the above that Ndigbo have perpetually remained the sacrificial lamb to keep this forced marriage together. They have remained victims of an abusive marriage, often beaten, cheated by the husband. We have resolved today that this grave injustice cannot continue. It is Igbo presidency in 2019 with a Vice President from the North or nothing. We are not ready any longer to be treated with levity and disdain in this country and for that we are calling on all Igbo sons and daughters both at home and in the Diaspora to key into this project”.

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