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As the world is still striving to find the meaning of President Donald Trump’s typo of the year ‘covfefe’, there is an ongoing legal war over the meaningless word which could be inscribed on products soon. TMZ reports that more than a handful of would-be entrepreneurs, have filed legal documents to own the right to inscribe ‘covfefe’ on shirts, sweaters, tank tops, pants, socks and all the other typical clothes for men, women, and children.

According to the report, brands such as PJs, panties, thongs, bras, clogs and at least one brewery have all filed to own the right to attach it to their product, while another man wants it for a coffee brew.

So far, footwear brand, Clogs is the front-runner in the battle to use the word ‘Covfefe’.
The confusing word was tweeted by US President Donald Trump when he wrote:

‘Despite the constant negative press covfefe’,. He probably meant to tweet: “‘Despite the constant negative press coverage..’

Drivers in at least 21 states have already claimed their “covfefe” vanity plate , including California, North Carolina, Maine, and Nebraska since Trump sent out his tweet early Wednesday morning last week, according to CNN.

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