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A neighbor,  Cash Freeman of Ada, about 50 miles southeast of Oklahoma City, shot and killed an Oklahoma father, Leland Foster, who was trying to drown his 3-month-old twins in a bathtub, police said on Sunday.
Lisa Bratcher, a spokeswoman for Ada police said Foster, who lives in Poteau, about 130 miles east of Ada, showed up at the home where his estranged wife, Michelle Forrells, was staying with their twin babies. Foster, 27, gained entry into the home, then pulled his estranged wife at knife point, along with their 3 month old babies into a bathroom.

When they got in there, he started to drown the children, while still holding Forrells at knife point.
A 12-year-old girl who also lived in the house ran out for help, Bratcher said.

She ran into the home of their neighbor, Cash Freeman and told him what was going on in her home.

Freeman, grabbed his revolver, entered the home, saw Foster trying to kill the children and shot him twice in the back, killing him.

Bratcher said there might be police video of officers’ response to the incident, which was called in at 12:38 p.m. Friday.

The girl who ran for help wasn’t identified other than as the granddaughter of the home’s permanent residents.

The babies were “doing great” Sunday after having been released from the hospital, police said. Investigators were reviewing whether Cash Freeman should face charges in the shooting death on Friday of Leland Foster.

A neighbor, Summer Pierce, called the incident “awful.” She said:

“I’ve held the babies, and I’ve played with them, and I just gave them clothes.”

“I think he did the right thing, because who knows what would happen?” Pierce said. “Who knows what would have happened to the babies if he hadn’t intervened? They might not have made it.”

Source: NBC News.

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