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Contestant from Benue state, miss Guma Adoo won the just concluded search for the “finest girl in Nigeria international 2017” FGNI.
She wrote on her Facebook account to thank and appreciate those who prayed and supported her.

 ” I remember vividly how I started this journey,I can write  a book about it you know…came online early last week asking for your prayers,a lot people kept asking if I was ill or something but for those of you that prayed for me,today I want to say thank you. I might not be the first person to have won this crown from Benue but I am the very first in TIV Land and that is something big. To me,it’s a lot. My appreciation goes to a lot of people who stood by me,who believed in me,to my beloved family who came through I couldn’t have done this without you. To my beloved friends Vembeh Dokarmani Emmanuel, Luter Emmanuella, Sharon Ngunan Kumbul, sever gbaa,Dent Irene Cyrus, Abege Queen, Kaylie Reelaiah Paris,Thaddeus Utume,Vivian Luga,and Ndur Nguevese. Thank you so much for your unconditional support which has given me this great opportunity to serve my dear country today. All the way from Benue state,ladies and gentlemen,I present to you FINEST GIRL NIGERIA INTERNATIONAL 2017!!”.
More pictures below.

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