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CCTV footage captured a shocking assault carried out on a nurse by her surgeon boyfriend right inside the operating theatre where they had just finished performing an operation.

The doctor can be seen in the disturbing footage still wearing scrubs as he repeatedly hit the nurse who was also still in her scrubs.
He hit her repeatedly, even on her head until the nurse collapsed on the floor. The incident occurred at the Lankao County Hospital, in Central China’s Henan Province.

Witnesses inside the operating room said the altercation had started because the surgeon believed his nurse lover violated protocol during the operation.

Soon after the patient was wheeled out of the theatre, the surgeon confronted the nurse and when she denied the claim, a row broke out and it soon turned violent. The nurse appears to have delivered the first strike, hitting her doctor boyfriend. He retaliated immediately, targeting her head for his blows. He continues even after she collapsed until several colleagues intervene and he backed away while the injured nurse was carried off by staff.

According to two statements from the hospital, the fight resulted in no serious injuries and management has agreed to brush the incident aside as a personal quarrel between the couple.

Below is the video.

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