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There’s a new drama surrounding Tonto Dikeh and her nanny who has been taking care of Tonto’s son, King Andre for over one year.

So here’s the gist. Over the weekend Tonto Dikeh’s nanny, Mrs Mbechi was admitted at a hospital in Abuja and unfortunately, she couldn’t pay her bills until an NGO, Queen Ashley foundation came to her rescue.

The foundation claimed Tonto abandoned the woman at the hospital and the news didn’t go down well with Tonto who felt the nanny soiled her name.

Tonto released a video showing her shouting at the nanny and saying she’s taken her to over 15 countries. See below…

Now, the nanny has just granted a 16 minutes interview with New Telegraph where she denied Tonto’s claims saying she’s only been taken to Ghana.

In her words,

‘if Tonto says she has taken me to 15 countries, let her bring the passport and evidence. Tonto has not taken me to any country except Ghana. I don’t even know where America is in my life. If we travel to Abuja I always sit down at the back and madam sits in front in the plane’.

When asked if she was recently sacked by Tonto Dikeh because she falls sick alot, Mrs Mbechi in the interview said,

‘Tonto never sacked me, I’m still with her, I only traveled and came back because of my leg pain. It was just yesterday she threw my things out and pushed me, I had to sleep outside’. Watch the nanny’s explosive interview below…

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