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OUR GOAL: Miss pretty face Nigeria pageant is aimed at empowering women across the state, to celebrate their achievements alongside our rich culture. To encourage social/community Service, to use The “Crown for a Purpose” to make a change and to promote, reward & advance the status of women.

Our mission:  Is to bring out the best out of women in Nigeria by cultivating their passions, self-image and education in an environment that encourages the pursuit of purpose, promotes discipline and supports the strengthening of character.

Miss pretty face Nigeria is aimed at giving our young ladies a unique platform of expression and relevance as we will prepare them to take on Nigeria and advance to the world in a whole as women who are aware of the power that they derives from fulfilling their purpose and who use that power to impact the welfare of humanity.

Miss pretty face Nigeria organization will achieve its mission by unearthing, training, and unveiling the nation’s finest women from Nigeria through an annual national beauty pageant system in Nigeria. This system will incorporate months of intensive grooming, coaching and preparation that will culminate with the coronation of a goodwill ambassador, who will represent her state and country in National and international pageants, promotional events, and charitable cause.

 Pageant Competitions have always been glamorous events which boost visibility and Promotion of brands associated. Pageant Competitions provide platform to creative designers to display their art and equal opportunity to models to showcase their talent, boosting their confidence.

Miss Pretty Face Nigeria pageant (MPFN) is a unique beauty pageant with a unique vision. Unlike most beauty pageants, we have taken several strides to distinguish it as a unique pageant with a purpose geared towards empowering and mentoring on to stardom a new generation of women in Nigeria at large. Miss Pretty Face Nigeria pageant is a creative and purposeful beauty and talent competition whose mission is to revitalize modelling in the Nigeria through beauty and brain while searching to discover future national personalities, brand ambassadors, business women, movie stars and super models.

The 2017 edition of the pageant is the maiden Edition title Beauty speaks for creativity, “D INDUSTRIOUS WOMAN”, and now it is targeted at empowering young women, promoting peace and unity in Nigeria and recognizing/awarding individuals/organizations that have played vital roles in the development of our great nation

The pageant’s aims and objectives include;
 Promotion of cultural awareness
 To re-define Modeling, birth Models with Integrity and that Models are NOT Prostitute.
 Revitalizing peace and love  within the states cohesion,
 Raising role model and promoting family values
 To correct the wrong notion of Models.
 To give value to Models.
 To eliminate parental panics.
 To educate the general society that Modeling is also a Career.
 To produce Models with a different.
 To correct that Models are useful to their generation.
 To produce Models who will become agent of good change to the Modeling and Pageant industries.
 Fund-raising for humanitarian charities and projects around the states, etc.
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