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Instagram trolls are getting even more wild with their comments. A troll took to Lola’s IG page to attack her, saying she’s only popular because of psquare, and her opening her legs for Peter (who’s her husband and the father of her kids) got her fame.

Lola was not going to let such a comment slide and she clapped back swiftly, writing;

 “I know u are looking for me to make you popular, give u your 2 minutes of fame and sh*t! Well here you have it scum bag! Show ur face you bloody hypocrite. Clearly you suck at your job if you even have one. Blogger, Hypman my ass. If you had your facts right you wouldn’t be caught dead making such ignorant statements. I feel sorry for your dumb ass! So there u go, a little fame for u bitch! Ode oshi!”

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