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So I met this fast rising Nollywood actor on set and we had some interaction about him as an actor and Nollywood at large.
Read the conversation below:

CNB:may i know your full name?
Damian Stephen Actor: My name is Stephen Damian.

CNB: okay, fine. So for how long have you been in the industry?
Damian Stephen Actor: I’ve been in the industry for one year.

CNB:okay, that’s nice. So far, how many movies have you been featured in?
Damian Stephen Actor: I’ve featured in over 40 movies. E.g. Wedding pary. The wedding. Reconciliation. Husbands of Lagos. Boiling point. And many more

CNB: wow, that’s awesome.

CNB: please tell us. what entice you to the entertainment industry?
Damian Stephen Actor: What entice me in the entertainment industry is the fact that I can touch and inspire people with my talent as an actor

CNB:ohh, that’s nice. So, what would you have been doing, if not in movie industry as an actor?
Damian Stephen Actor: If I’m not in the movie industry. I’ll be playing basketball or doing music

CNB: interesting.what’s your field of study and school?
Damian Stephen Actor: I studied mathematics in federal university of Benin.

CNB: what’s your challenges so far?
Damian Stephen Actor: My challenges so far in the movie industry is the fact that I don’t have enough time to meet up with all the jobs that I’m been call for

CNB: wow, you have a lot of jobs coming in. What has kept you going?
Damian Stephen Actor: Grace of God has Kept me going

CNB: who do you look up to as a role model in the industry?
Damian Stephen Actor: I look up to actors like majid michell. And bolanle ninalowo

CNB: what do you have to say about piracy in the industry?
Damian Stephen Actor: I think piracy retards the growth of the industry

CNB: so what do we expect from you lately?
Damian Stephen Actor: What you will be expecting from me is nothing but the best. Because I put my heart in to this and I want to be among the people that’d take nollywood to another level.

CNB: wow, finally. What do you have to say about Nollywood industry?
Damian Stephen Actor: I must say that nollywood is growing rapidly. But our filmmakers should improve on our stories and film making technique.

I spent time talking about Nollywood with the fast rising actor. Damian Stephen.
He is also on a new movie project coming your way soon. as have said earlier.i met him on a movie location.
And it was a nice moment with him.
More pictures after the cut..

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